Staff Continuity in Post-Acute Care

At FocusOne Solutions, we have daily conversations with our partners about the staffing struggles they run into within their communities. For some, it is the struggle to find qualified staff. For others, it is the frustration with last minute call-offs and the resulting stress being placed on the staff that day. However one thing has become evident – all these communities want is to have reliable staff that will help improve the overall continuity of care.

In today’s post-acute setting, maintaining proper staffing levels is a must in order to keep up. When organizations operate at lower staffing levels, a number of challenges can occur. These challenges can include:

  • Poor audit scores
  • Low quality of care
  • Slower resident response times
  • Forced decrease in census

In our experience, we have seen a number of reasons as to why the staff continuity and staff levels have decreased. From operators across the street offering a slight rate increase to large shopping centers offering lower stress jobs, each community faces their own set of challenges. While these challenges are frustrating, they are not insurmountable. At FocusOne, we have worked with partners to analyze and attack the unique challenges that face their communities. In better understanding the challenges ahead of the communities we support, we can develop a more focused strategy that will allow for an increase in staffing levels.

The FocusOne Solutions team is here to help you increase staffing levels and reduce the stress being placed on your current staff. If you would like to better understand how we help organizations better manage this process, please contact us.

Nick HovermaleNick Hovermale

Nick is a Business Development Executive for FocusOne Solutions, focusing on the development of our Post-Acute based partnerships. Over the last year and a half, Nick has traveled to various locations across the country, brainstorming with potential partners on operational changes to increase staffing efficiency. Prior to his role at FocusOne, Nick worked as a Human Resource Consultant for a national organization based out of Lincoln, NE. When he is not working, Nick enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife, their dog, and coaching travel baseball.


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