A Look at the Current Challenges in Healthcare Staffing

In today’s healthcare staffing market, tuition reimbursement, huge sign-on bonuses, and relocation packages are nothing new. Recruiting and retaining experienced healthcare professionals has become a greater challenge as the market tightens, supply outweighs demand, and recruitment efforts create competition for permanent staff.

According to the National Center for Workforce Analysis, nursing is the largest healthcare profession with around 3.5 million registered nurses practicing nationwide. Approximately 60 percent of those nurses are in a hospital setting. By 2020 more than 800,000 RN positions are expected to go unfilled nationwide. With seasoned nurses approaching retirement and challenges in doctoral nurses available to teach incoming students, a large gap is left in the potential workforce with both newly licensed and experienced RNs.

Key Factors for Hospitals When Using Travelers

KPMG’s 2017 U.S. Hospital Nursing Labor Costs Study shows that local nursing shortages followed by facility growth were the top two things hospitals consider when using a travel nurse. We also see seasonal needs and EMR conversions as top needs for contingent staff to allow for flexibility in the workforce.

Patient care quality is still the leading consideration when selecting a traveler for an assignment. Experience, flexibility, and of course cost are top of mind while also filling a gap with a qualified professional in a timely manner. As a managed services provider, FocusOne Solutions partners with healthcare facilities to address these key factors.

Traveling professionals are in high demand and are often applying for multiple positions. With so many available positions, they can pick and choose where they want to go and often drive the marketplace. For example, currently there are more than 500 OR positions in facilities across the nation. Ensuring candidates receive quick interviews and offers as well as a solid description of what the facility expectations are will help attain high quality results throughout your process.

Do you have questions on where to start or need to update your current process? Give us a call to learn about how FocusOne Solutions can help your organization.

Kambi Pope

Kambi is a National Account Executive with FocusOne Solutions. She has been in the staffing industry for almost four years and loves building relationships with healthcare professionals across the country. She enjoys traveling, spending time with her dog Hank, and volunteering in her community. Kambi calls Omaha home, although she grew up outside of Omaha in the small town of Underwood, IA.

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