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High Tech. High Touch.

Managed Services Solutions and Vendor Management Software to Streamline the Staffing Process

Improve performance and gain more control while maintaining your high standards of patient care. FocusOne Solutions offers a workforce management strategy that alleviates the operational pressures your hospital faces with a cost-effective streamlined approach to staffing that saves you time, relieves your headaches, and controls spend.

FocusOne absorbs the administrative functions that surround staff procurement and provides you with one point of contact for both clinical and non-clinical staffing needs. We absorb the calls, manage relationships with healthcare staffing agencies, and source candidates with a priority on quality, ensuring one consistent credentialing process.

Our vendor management model combines powerful web-based technology, FocusOne Connect, with a dedicated team to support your staffing protocols. It’s this high tech, high touch approach that sets us apart.

One Contact. One Contract. One Invoice. One Process.