SIA’s Overview of the U.S. Healthcare Staffing Market

Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) has provided 30 years of award-winning advising to industry leaders of all sizes. Each year SIA releases an annual report to discuss the findings of their research to explore what is driving the healthcare market. This report looks at the employment trends in healthcare across the nation covering travel nursing, per diem, locum tenens, and allied. Being up to date with industry experts and their forecasting will allow healthcare leaders to make informative decisions for their staff and patients.

For 2019 SIA predicts the U.S. is expected to see a 4% rise in the market for temporary labor pushing the expected spend to $17.4 billion. This bump will hit a new record for the total spend of temp labor and further push the market to become more competitive. To further support this, Modern Healthcare’s recent CEO Power Panel determined of the challenges CEOs are expecting to face this year, rising expenses and competition for talent are to be the greatest. They also forecast that front line care givers will be the most in demand positions to fill.

Of the four modalities, SIA predicts allied and locum tenens to have the greatest jumps as compared to per diem and travel nursing. With these increasing demands for recruiting it is recommended to follow best practices for successfully obtaining the right staff including quick interviews, accurate compliance, and effective communication. Considering hospital’s employment as a whole is projected to grow 7% year over year until 2026, we recommend working with a managed service provider to provide control over agency labor spend.

Clete BaumClete Baum

Clete is a Manager of Client Relations for FocusOne Solutions and is responsible for developing relations with partners to ensure there’s a streamlined delivery of services. He has been in the staffing industry for three years traveling the country and engaging with healthcare leaders. This has given him the opportunity to see first-hand what is driving the healthcare staffing market. When he’s not working, Clete enjoys outdoor activities such as biking, camping, and hiking.

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