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As an Affiliate Provider, do we negotiate our own bill rates and compete against other staffing agencies for the lowest pricing?

Bill rates and terms for contingent and direct hire staff are standardized and established up front, which creates a level playing field for all Affiliate Providers. Rates are visible within FocusOne Connect, our vendor management software.

Am I required to use a software system to be an Affiliate Provider?

Yes, all client hospitals and Affiliate Providers utilize FocusOne Connect, our web-based vendor management software. Our platform offers a full range of functionality, is easy to navigate, and is updated in real-time, providing visibility throughout the entire hiring and on-boarding process.

How user friendly is your software?

Our vendor management software, FocusOne Connect, was built by healthcare providers for use within healthcare. It's real-time, web-based, and simple to navigate while delivering robust functionality that enhances our managed services solution and further improves efficiency and performance. It requires no additional software for installation and is supported by a dedicated service team behind the scenes. Learn more about the features and benefits of FocusOne Connect.

How will I know when there are new job orders? Do I have to call periodically and ask?

FocusOne releases all contingent and direct hire job orders through our web-based vendor management software, FocusOne Connect. Updates, including detailed job order descriptions and clearly defined hiring criteria, are provided in real time. Access to the platform is available to Affiliate Providers 24/7.

Will I still have direct contact with personnel at the healthcare facility? Who do I call with questions, concerns, or just daily updates?

While FocusOne serves as the single point of contact for our client healthcare organizations, we provide support to our Affiliate Providers through a dedicated Operations Consultant, assigned to each client, and our service team. The Operations Consultant is familiar with the facility, its staffing requests, and is available to answer questions, resolve issues, and provide updates. In addition, FocusOne Connect, our vendor management software, provides real-time updates and visibility through the candidate submission and on-boarding process.

If we become an Affiliate Provider for one of FocusOne Solutions' clients, do we qualify to submit candidates for other clients?

When a staffing agency joins FocusOne as an Affiliate Provider, the agency may be utilized, based on performance, by other client hospitals and post-acute care facilities. We do not require separate Affiliate Provider agreements for each healthcare facility.

How will I know the level at which my staffing agency is performing, in relation to other Affiliate Providers?

FocusOne Connect, our vendor management software, is equipped with real-time reporting capabilities which will allow you to compare your staffing agency's activity to other Affiliate Providers.

Does FocusOne Solutions employ any contingent staff?

FocusOne Solutions is strictly a managed services provider. We do not employ or recruit any contingent or per diem staff.

What makes FocusOne different than other managed services providers?

FocusOne Solutions is unique to other managed services providers due to the service and support component that enhances our workforce solution and software. We provide each client hospital and post-acute care facility with a dedicated Operations Consultant (an industry expert) and service team behind the scenes to support staffing protocols through all phases and for the duration of our partnership. Our team also assists our Affiliate Providers by fielding questions, resolving issues or concerns, and providing updates. This is what differentiates us and why hospitals, healthcare systems, and staffing agencies partner with FocusOne.

Does your managed services programs cover both travel and per diem staff?

Yes. Contingent (travel), per diem, and direct hire staff can all be included in our managed services program.

Does FocusOne's managed service program assist with both clinical and non-clinical staffing?

Yes. Through our managed service program, FocusOne assists healthcare facilities with clinical and non-clinical staffing on a contingent and/or direct hire basis. We engage our Affiliate Providers through our software platform, FocusOne Connect, which houses thorough job descriptions and clearly defined hiring criteria. Our software also provides real-time updates and visibility through the hiring and on boarding process. Our dedicated support team is available to provide feedback on candidate submissions and answer any questions.

How are job orders for contingent staff and direct hire staff sent to Affiliate Providers?

Job orders for direct hire and/or contingent staff are sent to Affiliate Providers (staffing agencies) via our web-based software tool, FocusOne Connect. This automated vendor management platform ensures Affiliate Providers receive job orders at the same time, or tiered at the client's request. Affiliate Providers receive real-time updates from the software on the status of their candidate from submittal to placement.

How are Affiliate Providers selected?

FocusOne is proud to partner with an extensive network of respected and vetted Affiliate Providers – staffing agencies selected based on our stringent standards of quality, integrity, compliance, and service delivery. Most of our Affiliate Providers are certified by the Joint Commission.

Will our staffing agency be able to continue working with a current client hospital or post-acute care facility after it begins a partnership with FocusOne?

We understand healthcare facilities may have existing and long standing relationships with staffing agencies they have worked with in the past. Our client hospitals and post-acute care facilities may designate Affiliate Providers with Tier One status, meaning available positions are released to these select agencies prior to all remaining Affiliate Providers.

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