What is a Managed Service Provider?

Word of the Day: Managed Service Provider / MSP

Definition: Improves processes; makes things more efficient

While this might not be the official definition of an managed service provider, it is what an MSP ultimately helps with. A managed service provider is a service based model that provides a streamlined approach to managing your vendors and daily needs. Utilizing an MSP can truly change the way you do business. For example, by partnering with an MSP such as FocusOne Solutions, we will help simplify your staffing process by being the single point of contact for your clinical hiring requests. Instead of reaching out to staffing agencies to fill your open positions, FocusOne acts as an extension of your HR team and works directly with hundreds of staffing agencies to help source high-quality clinical staff for your healthcare organization.

A few of the benefits of working with FocusOne Solutions include:

  • Increased operational efficiency – Focus on your core business and responsibilities
  • Cost savings – Predict future needs and costs, cut expenses
  • Quality assurance – Hire the right employee for your organization
  • Peace of mind – Know your staffing needs and day-to-day operations are taken care of
  • Compliance management –Fully manage all components of the process, from document collection and screening to verification.
  • Software platform – Improve visibility, better manage usage from acquisition and compliance to placement and reporting

So what makes FocusOne different from other healthcare MSPs? It’s our people-based model that combines software with a dedicated service team to support to you – our client, our partner, our priority. It’s the people behind our service that elevate efficiency, quality, time to fill, and manage compliance so that you don’t have to. With FocusOne, you won’t go it alone!

Laura RomanoLaura Romano

Laura is the Business Relations Consultant for FocusOne Solutions, focusing on a variety of needs throughout the MSP organization. She has been in the staffing industry for five years, starting her staffing career as an Account Manager with Aureus Medical Group before joining the FocusOne team in March of 2015. Prior to her current role, Laura spent her time as the Manager of Client Relations for FocusOne. When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with family and friends and traveling. She is also the proud dog mom of her Shepard Retriever, MacDougal.

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