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Floating: The Ins and Outs of Quality Care

Many travel nurses understand that when they begin an assignment, being placed on the list of “next up to float” is generally a standard expectation. The key to high quality patient care by a nurse who has floated to a specific area is ensuring that he or she has experience providing that level of care.

Why Your Medical Traveler Can’t Start Next Monday

For facilities that need help on one of their units, they need that help ASAP! It’s a frequent phrase that we hear from our hiring managers when they are making an offer.

Staffing Industry Analysts: How a Little Fun at Work Impacts Your Bottom Line

The bottom line is usually top of mind for most leaders in most industries. What drives and protects the bottom line? Happy, productive, and loyal employees.

Your Job Description Is Like a Shopping List

For most of us, our job description is more of an outline - a set of expectations if you wish. It provides a rough overview of basic functions that you are responsible for. But for FocusOne Solutions, it’s so much more than that. A detailed job description helps our Operations Consultant screen candidates for your