Why Partner with FocusOne?

Healthcare organizations are under increased pressure to operate efficiently, control costs, and maintain patient care standards. Optimizing workforce management processes presents one of the greatest opportunities to improve performance across the board.

FocusOne Solutions is a leading managed services provider which offers an integrated vendor management solution to help your hospital efficiently source high quality staff, make more informed staffing decisions, and save time.

Functioning as the single point of contact for clinical and non-clinical staffing requests, we leverage technology, relationships with respected healthcare staffing agencies, and extensive experience to manage your staffing process and absorb the time-consuming administrative responsibilities which would otherwise fall on you. Yet, you remain in full control.

What makes FocusOne different? We combine our powerful vendor management software, FocusOne Connect, with the people to support it. Our dedicated managed services team is available to assist you in all phases of our partnership.

  • Customized, consolidated master invoice for contingent and direct hire needs
  • Negotiates and manages all staffing contracts
  • Coordinates supplemental staffing needs for all hospital departments
  • Enforces client's protocol for all staffing firms
  • Selects and screens candidates, coordinates interviews
  • Collects required documentation
  • Creates standardized timecards
  • Conducts performance appraisals
  • Oversees orientations and on-boarding

The Benefits of FocusOne:

  • Leverage the experience of a partner who has implemented managed services programs for medical facilities and systems in a full range of sizes and scopes
  • Source high volumes of contingent staff
  • Manage open positions and staffing firms through FocusOne Connect, our web-based vendor management software
  • Broaden your pool of available clinical and non-clinical candidates, for contingent and direct hire needs
  • Engage multiple Affiliate Providers (staffing agencies) to fill your needs, including executive level positions
  • Increase fill rates and response time
  • Control overall staffing spend by increasing operational efficiencies, improving tracking, and better managing and negotiating rate structures
  • Ensure quality, service delivery, and ongoing management of credential compliance
  • Work with an experienced Operations Consultant who is dedicated to your staffing needs

Improve the way you source your staff in a way that impacts the bottom line without sacrificing patient care. Partner with FocusOne.

FocusOne Connect is a software solution of C&A Industries, Inc.