FocusOne Connect Software

In today’s healthcare landscape, staffing agencies are seeking solutions and tools that will help them work better, smarter, and faster without sacrificing quality. FocusOne offers a managed services solution that leverages robust VMS technology, FocusOne Connect, to help you achieve optimal performance levels.

The medical staffing process, in its traditional model, is time consuming, involving multiple communications, forms, documentation, and follow up. FocusOne Connect automates key functions with a point and a click.

Hospitals are able to request direct-hire and contingent staff online, review consistent candidate profiles, ensure credential archival for compliance, and view real-time updates on each open job order and submitted candidates.

The Benefits of FocusOne Connect:

  • Facilitates simultaneous distribution of online requests for contingent and direct hire staff to Affiliate Providers (unless the client has selected a Tiered system)
  • Provides optimized matching of staff through clearly defined hiring parameters and requirements
  • Allows for easily viewable competitive and standardized bill rates which place Affiliate Providers on a level playing field
  • Generates customer service appraisals to help you monitor employee performance
  • An integrated VMS that is user-friendly, simple to install, and easy to navigate – no hardware installation, online training provided, and minimal IT support required

Service and Support:

FocusOne provides a friendly, dedicated Operations Consultant to fully support you in all phases of our partnership. Whether you have a question about our medical VMS software, FocusOne Connect, are in need of technical assistance, or have an inquiry regarding any aspect of the vendor management process, we’re just a phone call or a click away.

With FocusOne, our VMS technology does not replace people – it works in conjunction to improve performance and deliver superior results.

FocusOne Connect is a software solution of C&A Industries, Inc.