Client FAQs

How does implementing a managed services program benefit my facility?
Implementing a managed services program results in significant hard and soft dollar savings for most hospitals. After conducting a thorough analysis and needs assessment, FocusOne Solutions will establish optimal bill rates that will enable open positions to be filled with high quality contingent staff in a timely fashion. In addition to contingency staffing, FocusOne has a network of Affiliate Providers (staffing agencies) that specialize in direct hire staffing and can be utilized to recruit for your full-time, permanent staff openings. This allows your hospital to expand your recruitment reach, without having to incur additional advertising costs.

You and your team will have more time to focus on your core job responsibilities, rather than managing multiple staffing agencies. In addition, FocusOne Solutions ensures a consistent process for compliance. All approved Affiliate Providers will be required to follow the same pre-qualification guidelines, determined by you, resulting in identical documentation for each candidate.

Do your managed services programs cover both travel and per diem staff?
Contingent, per diem, and direct hire staff can all be included in our managed services program. Our vendor management solutions are customized based on the unique needs of each client. We work alongside you, as an extension of your Human Resources or staffing office, and customize our program to fit into your processes.

Does FocusOne’s managed service program help with both clinical and non-clinical staffing?
Yes. Through the managed service program, FocusOne can provide both clinical and non-clinical staffing on a contingent or direct hire basis.

What happens to contingent staff currently working on assignment at our organization through other staffing firms?
Any contingent staff currently working at your healthcare organization will finish out his or her scheduled contract. Extensions to contracts after the FocusOne “go live date” will be granted to those professionals who are employees of client approved Affiliate Providers (staffing agencies).

What happens to our current contracts with staffing agencies?
Contracts with your current staffing agencies will remain in effect until the FocusOne “go live” date, which will be mutually decided upon by your hospital and FocusOne. Any Affiliate Providers (staffing agencies) that you would like to continue working with will be invited to participate in our managed services program, in order for their staffing agency to continue to provide quality candidates to your medical Facility.

How many Affiliate Providers currently work with FocusOne Solutions as part of your managed services program?
FocusOne currently partners with hundreds of staffing agencies nationwide, who work with FocusOne either on a contingent staff or direct-hire staff basis. We are continually evaluating and adding new staffing agencies to our network that meet our clients’ requirements and consistently provide skilled, quality professionals.

How are job orders for contingent staff and direct hire staff sent to Affiliate Providers?
Job orders for direct hire and/or contingent staff are sent to Affiliate Providers (staffing agencies) via our web-based software tool, FocusOne Connect. This automated system ensures Affiliate Providers receive job orders at the same time, or tiered at the client's request. Affiliate Providers receive real-time updates from the software on the status of their candidate from submittal to placement.

How long does it take to get started and to implement a managed services solution?
It typically takes 30-45 days to implement our managed services program and FocusOne Connect vendor management software. The timeline may vary, depending on the number of client locations and the scope of the vendor management services selected.

How long have you been in business?
FocusOne Solutions was formed as a managed services provider in 2003 in response to healthcare industry demands for a streamlined process for contingent staff procurement.

How long is the contract period for managed services?
The term of our managed services contract is typically three years; however, FocusOne is open to discussing alternate contract lengths with your medical facility.

How much does your service cost?
Our service is subsidized by the staffing agencies (Affiliate Providers) that we partner with to procure direct hire and contingent staff. They pay an industry standard management fee of 3% of the bill rate.

FocusOne Connect is a software solution of C&A Industries, Inc.