Affiliate Provider FAQs

How can signing up with a vendor management program as an Affiliate Provider help my business?
Becoming an Affiliate Provider of FocusOne allows your company more exposure to qualified direct hire and contingent job orders, without having to spend time marketing into healthcare facilities to obtain staffing contracts. Let FocusOne do the work for you!

As an Affiliate Provider, do we have to negotiate bill rates and compete against other agencies for the lowest rates?
No, the bill rates and terms for contingent and direct hire staff are standardized and established up front, which creates a level playing field for all Affiliate Providers.

Am I required to use a software system to be an Affiliate Provider?
Yes, all clients and Affiliate Providers utilize FocusOne Connect, our web-based vendor management software.

How will I know when there are new job orders? Do I have to call periodically and ask?
FocusOne releases all job orders (direct hire and contingent) through our web-based software, FocusOne Connect. The software provides real-time updates, which means that you can spend your time recruiting, not having to call in and obtain new job orders or check in for updates.

Will I still have direct contact with personnel at the client hospital? Who do I call with questions, concerns, or just daily updates?
FocusOne Connect, our vendor management software, provides real-time updates and the visibility to track your candidate through the process, from submittal to placement at the medical facility. In addition to the software, each facility is equipped with a dedicated Operations Consultant, who is familiar with the facility and can field questions on job orders, provide updates on candidate submittals, and resolve issues that may arise during contract assignments. The client may request that all communication be conducted through representatives of FocusOne Solutions to further streamline the staffing process. FocusOne’s Operations Team has over 75 years of combined expertise in the staffing industry.

If we become an Affiliate Provider for one of FocusOne Solutions' clients, do we automatically qualify to help with other clients?
Due to varying rates and terms in every Client Agreement, FocusOne does require a separate Affiliate Provider Agreement to be signed for each hospital. The Client facility will provide FocusOne with a list of Affiliate Providers they would like to be part of their vendor set, and FocusOne will recommend other Affiliate Providers that may be utilized, based on performance with other client facilities.

How will I know the level at which my company is performing, in relation to other Affiliate Providers?
FocusOne Solutions vendor management software has reporting capabilities, which will allow you to compare your company’s activity to other Affiliate Providers who work with FocusOne.

Does FocusOne Solutions employ any contingent staff?
FocusOne Solutions is strictly a managed services provider. We do not employ or recruit any contingent or per diem staff.

FocusOne Connect is a software solution of C&A Industries, Inc.