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About FocusOne Solutions

Vendor management solutions that simplify the staffing process

Staffing is one of the greatest challenges faced by many organizations today. Procurement of supplemental staff and workforce management processes can monopolize your time and pull you away from other key responsibilities.

FocusOne Solutions is a small-business, veteran-owned managed services provider offering customized vendor management services and software designed to simplify the staffing process for healthcare facilities and other businesses nationwide.

We act as an extension of your team, not a replacement of your team. We’ll help you seamlessly source and manage direct-hire and contingent staff in less time with less risk by channeling your organization’s staffing needs through a single source, FocusOne.

You’ll gain better control, improve the quality of your direct-hire and supplemental staff, increase fill rates, and decrease your spend, all while eliminating the red tape and barrage of calls and emails from multiple staffing agencies.